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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Lu Kang's Regular Press Conference on December 31, 2015


At the invitation of Foreign Minister Wang Yi, Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland will pay an official visit to China from January 5 to 6, 2016.

Q: Today is the last day of 2015, a year that has presented us with an array of highlights and achievements of China's diplomacy. How do you summarize the characteristics and highlights of China's diplomacy in 2015?

A: In 2015, China's diplomacy has very well fulfilled the mission entrusted by the Party and people by upholding a proactive, practical and pioneering spirit. In retrospect, China's diplomacy followed the main thread of serving the nation's peaceful development, remained committed to the theme of promoting world peace and development, put forth a range of remarkable ideas, and drove forward a series of well-received cooperation projects, all of which have far-reaching significance.

President Xi Jinping came up with the major proposal of forging a community of shared destiny for all mankind which is in the same vein as the proposal of building a new type of international relations featuring win-win cooperation, It has been broadly echoed and received by the international community, especially developing countries. China honors its words, be it initiating the establishment of the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank and the New Development Bank of BRICS, or playing an active part in international cooperation on climate change and the settlement of international hot-spot issues. China has been upholding the concept of win-win cooperation, exploring new ways of thinking, endeavoring to solve difficult problems, seeking maximum common interests with all parties, and making positive contributions to world peace, development and security.

During his attendance at the UN summits on its 70th anniversary of establishment, President Xi Jinping announced a host of major measures including setting up China-UN Peace and Development Fund and South-South Cooperation Assistance Fund. China keeps breathing life into global financial stability and reform. In 2015, China contributed a third of the global economic growth. Renminbi was included in IMF's SDR basket of currencies, giving more representativeness and voice to developing countries in international finance. Together with other parties, we made significant and positive contributions to moving the Paris Conference on Climate Change towards a comprehensive, balanced and ambitious agreement.

From drawing the blueprint for the Belt and Road Initiative to getting it up and running, development strategies of China and countries along the Belt and Road have become fully aligned. We have signed relevant cooperation agreements with over 20 countries, and reached consensus on coordination and cooperation with another dozens. A layout of international cooperation on production capacity covering Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe has begun taking shape. The Belt and Road Initiative has reaped an important batch of early harvests. The China-ROK and China-Australia Free Trade Agreements have officially entered into force. Negotiations on upgrading China-ASEAN Free Trade Area have concluded smoothly while talks on the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership have registered substantive progress.

In 2016, China's diplomacy will continue to lead national development and global economy, champion world peace, propel regional growth, create a more amicable external environment for building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way, and write a new chapter for world peace and development.

Q: Microsoft Corp experts found that the Chinese authorities had hacked into more than a thousand Hotmail email accounts, targeting China's Tibetan and Uighur minorities in exile. What is your response?

A: From this podium I have taken many questions with regard to cyber attacks. The Chinese government is a staunch guardian of cyber security. We resolutely oppose all forms of cyber attacks and investigate and crack down in accordance with law cyber attacks launched inside China or using China's cyber infrastructure. If they have solid evidence, they can use the available channels to communicate and conduct mutually beneficial cooperation with China in a constructive way. However, spreading baseless rumors is not helpful to resolving the relevant issue, increasing mutual trust, and promoting international cooperation in the field of cyber security.

Q: Today witnessed the formal establishment of the ASEAN Community. What is China's comment? What is China's expectation for China-ASEAN relations?

A: The Chinese side warmly welcomes the establishment of the ASEAN Community, which marks a milestone in the ASEAN integration process. The ASEAN Community is also the first sub-regional community completed in Asia, elevating cooperation in East Asia to a new level.

China is ASEAN's good partner, good neighbor and good friend. The two sides established the strategic partnership in 2003. The high degree of political mutual trust and fruitful practical cooperation between the two sides has made tremendous contributions to regional peace, stability and development. We are fully confident of ASEAN' development prospects. We wish the ASEAN Community greater success.

China and ASEAN will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the establishment of dialogue relations next year. The bilateral relationship embraces new and great opportunities of development. The Chinese side will stand firmly for ASEAN's integration, community-building and centrality in regional cooperation. We would like to make joint efforts with ASEAN countries to promote political mutual trust, deepen cooperation in trade, culture and other areas, and strive to build a closer China-ASEAN community of common destiny.

Q: French journalist Ursula Gauthier is leaving China today. Will China allow her to come back?

A: The onus is on her.

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