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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying's Regular Press Conference on January 8, 2016


Activities marking the opening of the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) will be held in Beijing from January 16 to 18. On the morning of January 16, President Xi Jinping will attend and address the opening ceremony. On the afternoon of January 16, Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council will attend and address the inaugural meeting of the AIIB Board of Governors.

Q: US Secretary of State John Kerry said he told Foreign Minister Wang Yi in a call yesterday that the US respected China’s approach to the Korean nuclear issue, but it is time to end "business as usual" with Pyongyang. Can you give us more details about the conversation between the two foreign ministers?

A: Foreign Minister Wang Yi fully elaborated on China’s position in his phone call with State Secretary Kerry at the latter’s request. Wang Yi said that the Chinese side is ready to tackle new circumstances in the wake of DPRK’s nuclear test together with all parties in a bid to safeguard the international nuclear non-proliferation regime. China’s basic stance is to stay committed to realizing denuclearization, and safeguarding peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula regardless of changes. The Chinese side urges the DPRK to honor its commitment to denuclearization and stop taking actions that worsen the situation. In the meantime, all the other parties should keep a cool head, stay on the path toward a peaceful solution, and avoid taking actions that sharpen disputes and raise tensions.

Q: State Secretary Kerry said that China’s policy and approach to the DPRK did not work. What is your comment on that?

A: China is a close neighbor of the Korean Peninsula. Whether it is for the sake of peace and stability of Northeast Asia or a sound neighborhood environment, China presses firmly ahead with denuclearization on the Peninsula. It serves the interests of all parties. The Chinese side has been making enormous efforts to that end.

China is not the cause and crux of the Korean nuclear issue, nor is it the key to resolving the problem. Nevertheless, having in mind the international nuclear non-proliferation regime as well as peace and stability of Northeast Asia, the Chinese side has been calling for and seeking proper settlement of different parties’ reasonable concerns and fundamental approach to enduring peace on the Peninsula through dialogues and consultations under the framework of the Six-Party Talks.

Q: First, has the DPRK so far given any explanation to the Chinese leader about why they conducted the nuclear test? Second, the DPRK seeks to put a formal end to the Korean War with a peace treaty. What is China’s comment on that?

A: We have made clear our position on DPRK’s latest nuclear test.

The Chinese side holds a clear and consistent position on the issue of the Korean Peninsula. We maintain that efforts shall be made in compliance with the September 19 Joint Statement of the Six-Party Talks to address different parties’ reasonable concerns in a balanced manner and realize enduring peace and stability on the Peninsula.

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