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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hong Lei's Remarks on the Election in Taiwan


Q: The election in Taiwan has come to an end. What is your comment on that? How do you envision the outlook for Taiwan-related diplomacy?

A: Head of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council has already made a statement on the election in Taiwan.

The Taiwan question falls within China's internal affairs. There is only one China in the world. Both the mainland and Taiwan belong to one and the same China. China's sovereignty and territorial integrity brook no division. The result of the election in Taiwan will not change the basic fact and the consensus of the international community. The Chinese government sticks to the one-China principle and opposes "Taiwan independence", "two Chinas" and "one China, one Taiwan". This position remains unchanged and will not change regardless of what happens in Taiwan. On such a major issue as safeguarding state sovereignty and territorial integrity, the Chinese government has rock-solid determination and never tolerates any separatist activities aiming at "Taiwan independence". We hope and believe that the international community will adhere to the one-China principle, stand against any forms of "Taiwan independence" and support, with concrete actions, the peaceful development of the cross-Straits relations.

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