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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Lu Kang's Remarks on Sinking of Chinese Fishing Boat by Argentina's Coast Guards in Argentine Waters


Q: It is reported that on March 14, Argentina's coast guards used gunfire to sink a Chinese shipping boat that was fishing in Argentine waters. Can you confirm that and give more details?

A: It is learnt that around 9 a.m. on March 14, the Chinese fishing vessel Lu Yan Yuan Yu 010, while operating in an Argentine fishing ground, was chased by Argentina's coast guards for several hours and then shot by them, which caused a leak in the hull and led to its sinking. Four Chinese crew members were rescued by Argentina's coast guards. The other 28 were rescued by Chinese fishing boats nearby. There are no reports of death or injury.

Attaching high importance to this incident, the State Council made important instructions. The Foreign Ministry and the Chinese Embassy in Argentina have lodged urgent representations with the Argentine side, expressing serious concerns and demanding that the Argentine side conduct a thorough investigation, inform the Chinese side of the details, ensure the safety and legitimate rights and interests of the Chinese crew, and take effective measures to avoid any repetition of such an incident.

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