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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hong Lei's Regular Press Conference on April 5, 2016


At the invitation of Foreign Minister Wang Yi, Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier of the Federal Republic of Germany will visit China from April 8 to 10. During his visit, he will join Foreign Minister Wang Yi to co-host the second China-Germany strategic dialogue on foreign and security affairs.

Q: China will assume the rotating presidency of the Security Council in April. How will China fulfill its duty? What will be on top of China's working list?

A: China has become this month's rotating president of the Security Council. According to the working plan, the Security Council will hold about 30 sessions this month to review issues including Syria, Yemen, Palestine and Israel as well as African hot-spot issues such as South Sudan and Somalia. There will also be three open debates at the Security Council this month on Palestine and Israel, counter-terrorism and piracy in the Gulf of Guinea, with the purpose of building up international consensus, breaking the deadlock in the Middle East peace process, containing the threat of terrorism through concerted efforts and properly addressing the piracy problem.

As a permanent member of the UN Security Council, the Chinese side supports the Security Council in playing the key role of the international collective security mechanism in stopping wars and keeping peace, and turning hostility into friendship by running in parallel peaceful settlement and compulsory measures. The Chinese side will fulfill its duty as the Security Council's rotating president this month, stay in close communication and coordination with all Security Council members and encourage the Security Council to work in a more efficient and practical way. We will also have more interactions with non-Security Council members and countries concerned to ensure that the Security Council will operate in a more transparent and open manner.

Q: The outbreak of conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh between Armenia and Azerbaijan on April 1 has killed and injured several soldiers on both sides. What is China's comment on that?

A: The Chinese side has taken note of the situation. It is hoped that parties concerned would keep calm, exercise restraint and properly resolve differences through consultation and dialogue so as to maintain regional peace and stability.

Q: Foreign Minister Wang Yi kicks off his visit to Myanmar today. It is learnt that foreign ministers of the two sides will hold talks. Can you give us more details about Foreign Minister Wang Yi's agenda in Myanmar?

A: At the invitation of Foreign Minister Daw Aung San Suu Kyi of Myanmar, Foreign Minister Wang Yi starts his official visit to Myanmar today. During his visit, Foreign Minister Wang Yi will hold talks with Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and meet with the leadership of Myanmar.

Q: Is Foreign Minister Wang Yi likely to discuss issues concerning pragmatic cooperation projects with Myanmar?

A: China and Myanmar are friendly neighbors with adjoining mountains and rivers. The two countries have engaged in practical cooperation in a wide range of areas over recent years which has promoted economic and social development in Myanmar and brought benefits to local people. During Foreign Minister Wang Yi's visit, the two sides will exchange views on bilateral relations and issues of common interest including some of the pragmatic cooperation projects of shared interest. We hope that the thorough communication will help foster economic cooperation and trade between the two countries and produce win-win results.

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